CASE Cat. no. 4

particularly ergonimic  chemical-resistant  heatproof  moisture resistant  especially abrasion-resistant  puncture resistantt_1




CASE  Cat. no. 4


EDV-No. 1010-0005
pr. distr.: 13,8 – 23,8 N
DIN EN 14404


The original WohltatTM Case knee-protector, with highly elastic 25mm thick filling, is widely used in all professions where work is mainly done kneeling. The pad is very springy, as evidenced by the extremely low values in impact stability. The highest measured result is just 0.7 N, which is normally only achieved by gel knee-protectors. (The  highest tolerable value is 4.0 N).
The Case-design is manufactured according to mining standards DIN  23311 (Form B) and DIN EN 14404 and is particularly suitable for tiling and paving.
The flexible padding material moulds itself around the knee of the user. A new fixing system keeps the straps away from the hollow of the knee!