GEL-SOFT Cat. no. 67


geringes Gewicht  besonders ergonomisch  feuchtigkeitsresistent  Abriebfestigkeit  Hitzebestaendigkeit  Durchstossfestigkeit_1




GEL-SOFT Cat. no. 67
(Gelmaster Junior)


EDV-No. 1051-0010

DIN EN 14404


Butter soft knees in small, effective kneepads!
The innovative flexible, air-cushioned and durable honeycomb ensures high shock absorption with maximum mobility. With its small flexible form, the GEL-SOFT adapts to both the ground and the knee. It is non-slip and can be used on almost any ground surface as well as being completely

  • particularly flat and flexible
  • with gel insert
  • particularly ergonomic
  • moisture resistant
  • very lightweight
  • puncture-proof
  • power level 1 = a puncture resistance of more
    than 100 newtons