HARMONICA Cat. no. 13a

 chemical-resistant  heatproof  moisture resistant  especially abrasion-resistant  puncture resistantt_1




HARMONICA  Cat. no. 13a


EDV-No. 1010-0020
pr. distr.: 10,2 – 25,9 N
DIN EN 14404


With its elastic bellows, the Harmonica knee-protector follows your every movement (see description to HARMONICA Cat. no. 13).
The apron of gummed canvas protects the knee and shin against abrasion, damp, cold and dirt.
Size of apron: 30 x 19 cm (L/W)

  • Particularly suitable for screed laying.
  • Also available with rubber straps.
    EDV-No. 1010-6020.