HARMONICA Cat. no. 13vg ergo

particularly ergonimic  heatproof  moisture resistant  especially abrasion-resistant  puncture resistant Level 0




HARMONICA  Cat. no. 13vg ergo


EDV-No. 1020-0007
pr. distr.: 21,3 – 29,5 N
DIN EN 14404


The inner cushion pad is made of especially durable, washable and soft polyurethane foam, which is ergonomically formed. The material is thicker at the points on which pressure during kneeling is highest and provides the best possible pressure distribution. It is permanently elastic and form stable.

The fixing system has been improved. The lower strap is located very low and the upper one is located around the thigh and can’t slip in the hollow of the knee!

Outer skin made of thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE).