Fento 100 - The knee pad without straps for use in work trousers

  besonders ergonomisch  feuchtigkeitsresistent  Durchstoßfest nach Leistungsstufe 1   geringes Gewicht


Fento 100

EDV-No. 1060-0006

The knee pad without straps for use in work trousers, no comparison to conventional knee cushions. Performance level 1*.

The Fento 100 is a strapless knee protector that fits into any standard work trousers with knee pockets.

It is particularly ergonomic due to the wedge-shaped elevation towards the shin, which provides a very good distribution of pressure. Both qualitatively and conceptually it differs considerably from the usual knee cushions or knee pads for work trousers.

*Puncture resistance of performance level 1 in conjunction with the HaVeP work trousers


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