Knee protector FENTO 200pro Cat. No. 9

 besonders-ergonomisch  besonders rutschfähig  feuchtigkeitsresistent  Abriebfestigkeit  geringes Gewicht  Durchstossfestigkeit_1

FENTO 200 pro Cat. No. 9

The further development of the successful model!
The rubber-like material is water-repellent and easy to clean. Its material is softer and yields laterally. The sweat-absorbing, breathable, wedge-shaped support cushion ensures a high level of comfort and ergonomics. With exchangeable Inner cushion.

  • especially slippery
  • particularly abrasion-resistant
  • especially ergonomic
  • moisture resistant
  • small weight
  • puncture-proof
  • Power stage 1 = puncture proof from
  • more than 100 Newton

EDP No. 1051-0014


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