Gel-Soft Cat. no. 67 - Premium kneepads from Nierhaus

geringes Gewicht  besonders ergonomisch  feuchtigkeitsresistent  Abriebfestigkeit  Hitzebestaendigkeit  Durchstossfestigkeit_1





GEL-SOFT  Cat. no. 67

EDV-No. 1051-0010
Pressure distribution: 9,5 – 14,4 N
DIN EN 14404

Butter-soft kneeling even in small effective knee pads!

  • flexiflexible, air-cushioned and hard-wearing honeycombs provide high shock absorption with maximum mobility
  • adapts to the ground as well as the knee due to its small flexible form
  • high wearing comfort due to soft and high-quality silicone gel insert
  • especially ergonomic
  • moisture resistant
  • small weight
  • completely washable
  • non-slip and applicable on almost all surfaces, puncture resistance performance level 1 = puncture resistance of more than 100 Newton

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