Standards for knee protection

Standards and declarations of conformity for knee pads

For decades, there has been a German mining standard DIN 23311, which primarily prescribes dimensions and special quality features of the knee protectors. These are specified for durable use and durability of the products.
With the implementation of PPE Regulation 2016/425, knee pads by definition belong to Category II Personal Protective Equipment and must undergo type testing. Only since February 2005 has there been a European standard for knee protectors (DIN EN 14404). This serves as the basis for the type examination, which is mandatory for all knee pads sold in the EU.

In the elaborate test procedure, among other things.

  1. the pressure distribution measured by means of test knee
  2. the impact resistance
  3. the stabbing resistance
  4. the wearing comfort and
  5. tested the elasticity and width of the belts.

Our knee pads are tested and certified according to DIN EN 14404 or type-tested in accordance with these regulations. The quality requirements of the mining standard were maintained.

original Wohltat® box knee pads

Box no. 4

Declaration of Conformity

GÄRTNER Knee pads, Art. No. 5/7

Gardener No. 5/7

Declaration of Conformity

Sickle Knee Pad No 10

Sickle No. 10

Declaration of Conformity

HARMONICA knee pads, Art. No. 13v

Harmonica No. 13v

Declaration of Conformity

HARMONICA knee pads, Art. No. 13vg ergo

Harmonica No. 13vg

Declaration of Conformity

GELENK Knee pads, Art. No. 20a

Joint no. 20a-20e

Declaration of Conformity

ULTRA Ultralight Knee Pad, Art. No. 29

Ultra No. 29

Declaration of Conformity

Knee Protector WOHLPRO, Art. No. 33 formerly known as Alpro Knee Protector

Wohlpro No. 33

Declaration of Conformity

Allround - neoprene knee pads

Allround No. 65

Declaration of Conformity

The Professional Gel Protector No. 69 is comfortable through and through.

Professional No. 69

Declaration of Conformity