Professional knee protection

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Knee pads and knee protectors
with individual makeup or logo

As a manufacturer, we can customize some of our products for you. Here, depending on the product, there is a possibility to produce the products for you with your own label, outer packaging, colors, logo, etc.

Knee cushions for pants manufacturers also possible on individual request:

In addition to our own range of knee pads for work pants, we also manufacture knee pads for you from cellular rubber sheets of various thicknesses and in any shape. If you wish, we can make an individual punching tool for you and use it to produce your knee cushions in compliance with the standards.

Punching work from cellular rubber sheets:

You need molded parts made of cellular rubber sheet or similar materials with different shore hardness, we can gladly make a stamping die for you and offer customized stamped parts.

If you would like a product for marketing campaigns or would like a knee pad, knee cushion with your own branding in the long term or would like to design a product yourself, then simply contact us.

Knee protection with your label
Knee pads for fire protective clothing