Knee Protector Wohlpro - medical knee protection - formerly Alpro Knee Protector

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Knee relief with the Kneeprotector Wohlpro: the medical knee protection


formerly knows as Alpro Knee Protector

EDV-No. 1050-0007
Pressure distribution: under 7 N
DIN EN 14404

High relief of the gravel plate, menisci and ligaments!

  • Extremely good pressure distribution under 7 N due to high contact surface and distribution of the load on the shin
  • tough elastic, durable and waterproof special foam
  • infinitely adjustable velcro straps, extremely wide elastic bands below the hollow of the knee for high wearing comfort, no cutting of the straps
  • funnel-shaped structure around the kneecap to relieve the patella
  • additional spring deflections to support the knee joint

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