Fento Maxi, sometimes also called 400 pro

Particularly ergonomic Particularly abrasion resistant Particularly slippery Low weight moisture resistant Puncture resistant Performance level 1 = puncture resistant up to min. 100 Newton


innovative knee pad

Art. No. 6
EDV-No. 1051-0015
Pressure vert.: 7.4 – 9.3 N
DIN EN 14404

A new innovative knee pad with a large contact surface, very light and suitable for almost all work in a kneeling position, rounds off our range in the premium segment!

  • Very light
  • Very robust
  • Developed by occupational physicians and physiotherapists
  • slippery
  • suitable for both sensitive floors and rough surfaces
  • high wearing comfort due to a wide strap
  • High pressure distribution
  • wedge-shaped inner cushion that absorbs sweat, replaceable
  • like Fento Original in extra long version
  • also protects the shin!
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