Hammock 1 knee pads for work pants

Particularly ergonomic Particularly abrasion resistant moisture resistant Puncture resistant Performance level 1 = puncture resistant up to min. 100 Newton


Knee protection of the extra class with patented system for pressure distribution and relief.
Light. Flexible. Robust.

Art. No. 34
EDV-No. 1051-0005
DIN EN 14404
Weight: approx 250 g per pc.
Dimensions: 152 x 282 x 82 mm
Power level 1
Material: EVAC

Knee pads for particularly long and stressful work on knees.
The ergonomic shape with the anti-shock design prevent pressure peaks.
Belt width: 50 mm

Scheme of FDT construction in Hammock 2

Force Distribution Technology (FDT) ensures optimum distribution of the load pressure. Sensitive areas are protected and particularly comfortable, gentle work on the knees is made possible, all day long!