original Wohltat® box knee pads

Chemical resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, epoxy resins and the like. Particularly ergonomic moisture resistant Particularly abrasion resistant heat resistant at continuous heat of approx. 80° or briefly up to approx. 100°. Puncture resistant Performance level 1 = puncture resistant up to min. 100 Newton


Knee pads

Art. No. 4

Pressure vert.: 13.8 – 23.8 N
DIN EN 14404

The original Wohltat® box knee pad with highly elastic, 25mm thick filling is generally used in all professions in which work is predominantly done on the knees. The cushion is very springy; this is also reflected in the extremely low impact resistance value. The highest measured value is only 0.7 N – otherwise only knee pads with gel can manage this (the highest permissible value is 4.0 N).
The box type is manufactured according to the mining DIN standard 23311 (form B) and DIN EN 14404 and is particularly suitable for laying tiles as well as paving work.
The flexible padding material adapts to the shape of the user’s knee.
Thanks to the new fastening system, the straps always stay away from the back of the knee!